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The McCorquodale Campbell Family


On June 23, 1923, Alexander George McCorquodale (1891-1992), A. G. as he was known, married Bessie Ann Campbell (1893-1979), daughter of Angus and Sarah (McLeod) Campbell of Lot 12, Concession 6. 



In the same year, the newlyweds remodelled the house that had been built in 1885 by Squire Alexander McCorquodale on the east half of Lot 15 Concession 2, West Zorra.



A. G. and Bessie Ann loved horses, and they won numerous ribbons showing theirs at area fairs, among them Embro, Paris and Dorchester.  They were members of Knox Presbyterian Church in Embro, where A. G. was an elder and member of the session, and Bessie Ann was a member of the ladies aid. A. G. also belonged to the Thistle Masonic Lodge in Embro, and other lodges in Woodstock and London. In 1982, A. G. sold the 100 acre farm. 

above excerpt from: "Historically bound : the history of Embro and West Zorra, 1820-2007" 

This photographic archive stretches backwards in time to the lives of the Angus and Sarah (McLeod) Campbell family - Bessie Ann's parents as well as forward to her family and farm life in West Zorra.  

1939 Zorra Highland Games Souvenir Program

Celebrating the third annual Dominion Day event, held in Embro on July 1, 1939, a cavalcade of parades, dances, piping and games: all with Gaelic flair.

A. G. McCorquodale, 1891-1992

A celebration of a centenarian!

A. G. McCorquodale, 70th Masonic Anniversary

A celebration of A. G. McCorquodale, 70 years as a member of the Thistle Lodge, Embro, held on May 8, 1987

Bessie Ann Campbell Postcard Collection 1893-1919

A postcard album given to Bessie Ann Campbell, Embro, by her sister Helen. Read turn-of-the-century correspondence and learn of their travels.

Campbell Family Photoes Album, 1910

Documenting rural life in West Zorra, an ice storm on the farm, as well as a vacation to Alberta, spanning the years around 1910

Campbell Family Photograph Album, 1904

Discover an album of images of farm life in West Zorra Township, circa 1904.

Campbell Family Photographs

Various depictions of the Campbell family. Including dedication and construction of the Tug of War cairn at Embro.

Campbell Family Snapshots 1917

A photograph album depicting the lives of the John & Sarah McLeod Campbell family of Lot 12, Concession 6, West Zorra.

Embro Business Invoices 1882-1912

A collection of Embro and Zorra area local business invoices related to the Campbell family, depict a snapshot of farm life and the goods required to support rural living.

Embro Continuation School, 1943-1944

This panoramic photograph by E. J. Powell of Cayuga, Ontario, depicts the faculty and students of 1943-1944, posed in front of the school.

Embro Public School, 1930

This panoramic photograph by Ernest Denton of Kitchener, Ontario, depicts the students of the Embro Public School in May of 1930.

Historic Postcards of Zorra

Postcards of historic structures in Zorra & Embro from the McCorquodale/Campbell photo collection.

McCorquodale Campbell Family Tree

A detailed family chart of this West Zorra clan.

Photograph Album

An early pictorial record of rural life before 1930, depicting the McCorquodale Campbell family of West Zorra.

The Studio Portraits: a McCorquodale Campbell collection

Containing many Oxford County studio portraits, cabinets cards, as well as rural living photographs, this collection spans the years of 1890-1930.

The Suitcase: a McCorquodale Campbell photograph collection

A collection of photographs illustrating rural life in Zorra.

Zorra Sports Clippings

Learn about winning hockey teams from 1950s Lakeside & Kintore. A Lakeside Gun Club photograph is also featured.

Zorra Township History Clippings

A keyword searchable newspaper clipping collection focused on the history of Zorra Township and the many villages and hamlets within.