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South West Oxford Local History Books

Search the documents below for keys to South-West Oxford’s past. You will find information about businesses, architecture, culture and pioneers of the area.

Giants of Oxford: women and men who changed our world.

Explore the index to Giants of Oxford by Doug M Symons. This books contains notable figures across Oxford County including Aimee Semple McPherson of Salford and many others.

History of the Cheese Industry in Oxford County

and the History of Ingersoll Cheese Company by C. H. Sumner

Index to: A Safe haven: the story of the Black settlers of Oxford County

By Joyce A. Pettigrew. A comprehensively researched documentation of Black pioneers and their struggle to survive.

Index to: Inns and Taverns : Oxford County by Roy Johnstone

An index to a comprehensive history of early inns.

Index to: Old Oxford is Wide Awake! by Brian Dawe

A history of pioneer settlers and politicians in Oxford county, 1793-1853. Explore the index to this valuable history text.

Index to: The Axe and the Wheel: a history of West Oxford Township, 1790-1974

An index to: The Axe and the Wheel: a history of West Oxford Township, was published in 1974 by Otter Publishing Tillsonburg, and authored by the West Oxford Women's Institute Book Committee

Index to: When cheese was king by Edward Moore

A complete history of the cheese factories in Oxford county

Local Histories of Ontario Municipalities 1951-1977

Excerpt of Oxford County resources by Barbara B. Aitken

Local Histories of Ontario Municipalities 1977-1987

An index of Local Histories of Ontario Municipalities 1977-1987 A Bibliography by Barbara B. Aitken.

Outstanding Women of Oxford County

Depicts portraits of courageous and determined women who endured pioneer life in Oxford County written by Brenda Dyer, Sarah Kolasiewicz and Donna Stevenson

Outstanding Women of Oxford County: Volume 2

Written by Carol Miller, Nancy Payne and Jeanette Zwart in 1980 this work takes a further look at pioneering women in Oxford County

Pioneer Baptist Work in Oxford County

by Zella M. Hoston. Explore the origins of the Baptist faith in Oxford

The Land is Their Heritage by Everett A. Wilson

A family history of Richard & Catharine Wilson & their 9 children, as well as the story of a heritage farm in Dereham Township. Searchable.

The Meteor

Discover Mount Elgin’s scholars of the 1930s. The Meteor is a yearbook of the Mount Elgin Continuation School from 1932-34.