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Norwich's People

Search the documents below for keys to Noriwch’s past. Explore the stories of township pioneers and the lives of those who shaped its history.

Alma Clutton, 1875-1955

Discover the story of a woman who pioneered a photography studio in Norwich at the turn of the last century.

Dr. Emily Stowe: The Norwich Connection

An overview of Dr. Emily Stowe's Norwich contexts by Matthew Lloyd. Presentation from OLHD 2022.

Elizabeth L. 'Cassie' Bigley Chadwick, 1857-1907

Explore the story of this Oxford County farm girl, turned one of North America's most notorious fraudsters.

Emily Stowe, 1831-1903

An excerpt from 'Outstanding Women of Oxford County', relating biography of Canada's first woman physician.

Emily Stowe, Doctor & Suffragist

by Mary Beacock Fryer. Index to this comprehensive biographical text,

Giants of Oxford: women and men who changed our world.

Explore the index to Giants of Oxford by Doug M Symons. This books contains notable figures across Oxford County including Aimee Semple McPherson of Salford and many others.

Harold Innis Reflects

Index to writings, memoir, and correspondence by Otterville native, Harold Innis, 1894-1952, eminent Canadian professor of political economy at the University of Toronto and the author of seminal works on media, communication theory, and Canadian economic history.

Mrs. Canfield's People

Transcribed from Mrs. Canfield's journals by Patricia Moody in 1986 this book contains alphabetical listings of various people, buildings, events in Oxford County history.

Outstanding Women of Oxford County

Depicts portraits of courageous and determined women who endured pioneer life in Oxford County written by Brenda Dyer, Sarah Kolasiewicz and Donna Stevenson

Outstanding Women of Oxford County: Volume 2

Written by Carol Miller, Nancy Payne and Jeanette Zwart in 1980 this work takes a further look at pioneering women in Oxford County

The Canadian Album: Men of Canada 1891 - Oxford County excerpts

Peruse biographies and portraits of Oxford County luminaries, politicians and influencers from the 19th century.

The Norwich Settlement to 1855

Compiled by the Norwich & District Historical Society this booklet details the pioneer Quaker Peter Lossing and his settlement in this area.

Township of Norwich : Lossing/Quaker Settlement 1810-2010

This souvenir booklet commemorates the 200th Anniversary of the Lossing Quaker settlement in Norwich.