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The Elliott Family

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The Devon Elliotts: a new beginning in Oxford County and beyond

The story of those who came, those who stayed and those who left

by Glenn Elliott


An eleven book look at the multigenerational history of the Mary & John Elliott family, from their life in Hartland, Devon, to their 1843 arrival in Ingersoll and surrounding townships: featuring the Elliott family siblings and related Seldon/Prouse/Wilson and Hamlyn families.



The Elliott Family: Book 1

Finding John (1789 - 1864) & Mary (1784 - 1848) in Oxford records and a glimpse into their Devon life, the 1843 Atlantic trip, and the establishment of the first family homes.

The Elliott Family: Book 10

Youngest child, Samuel Elliott, makes his mark in the cheese making business but not without many challenges and grief.

The Elliott Family: Book 11

Ingersoll Chronicle newspaper clippings provide detailed coverage of the Elliott family feud.

The Elliott Family: Book 2

Oldest daughter Mary Elliott and spouse Thomas Prouse arrive and become a leading family in Dereham township.

The Elliott Family: Book 3

Widowed daughter, Elizabeth Hamlyn, brings her three children to Upper Canada to start a new life.

The Elliott Family: Book 4

Learn a surprising fact about daughter Maria Elliott and husband William Seldon, when they arrive in North Oxford and establish a family long involved in Ingersoll affairs.

The Elliott Family: Book 5

Daughter Eliza Eliott, marries into the Wilson family of West Oxford and the family becomes an agricultural leader in the region.

The Elliott Family: Book 6

First to arrive, John Elliott Jr., leads the way to Oxford County, where future generations of his family spread their wings.

The Elliott Family: Book 7, Chapter 1

Son William Elliott , the black sheep of the family, generates family drama that future generations successfully overcome.

The Elliott Family: Book 7, Chapter 2

Grandchildren of William Elliott and Eliza Rogers & Children of JR Elliott and Betsy Johnson.

The Elliott Family: Book 7, Chapter 3

William and Eliza’s second son Thomas Gould Elliott, an Ingersoll pioneer

The Elliott Family: Book 7, Chapter 4

Married cousins Edwin and Ada Elliott and family are known in the area for far different reasons

The Elliott Family: Book 7, Chapter 5

With a new life and a bright future, tragedy strikes William and Eliza’s son Edgar.

The Elliott Family: Book 7, Chapter 6

Oldest surviving daughter, Josephine, lives through adversity and her ambitious children climb the hill of success.

The Elliott Family: Book 7, Chapter 7

William and Eliza Elliott’s youngest daughter Mellissa, dutifully follows her husband.

The Elliott Family: Book 8

An early Ingersoll resident, Thomas Elliott and his wife’s children, lead the way in spreading the Elliott name across the continent.

The Elliott Family: Book 9

James Elliott, the wheeler dealer, creates family tensions that led to brother-on-brother violence.