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Richard Grigg, poet

Richard Grigg 1819-1904, poet, was born in 1819 in Devonshire, England.  He married Matilda Cove Lethbridge in 1845.  Together, the couple had one son, Richard Grigg (1847-1916).  In 1862, Richard & Matilda emigrated to Canada, finally settling on a farm in North Oxford Township, west of Ingersoll in 1875.  On the death of Matilda in 1884, Richard sold the farm the next year and removed to Ingersoll.  He worked as a carpenter, but his real passions were poetry and music. Printed by the Oxford Tribune, Grigg published Ingersoll Rhymings in 1894.  Grigg passed away in February of 1904, but his rhymes can still be appreciated and enjoyed.  His obituary appeared in the Ingersoll Chronicle and a heartfelt eulogy was penned by his friend, Joseph Gibson.  

Enjoy a fully digitized version of original Ingersoll poetry by Richard Grigg, below.