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In June 1889, a movement was starred to establish a general hospital in Ingersoll. A petition was circulated but, only a few signatures were secured, Money was scarce, so the project was dropped.
In 1898, Dr. J. M. Rogers opened a private hospital for his patients in the front rooms of the O'Neill house on the north side of Frances Street, the second house west of Earl Street. 
Dr. Angus McKay had a hospital In the same year in a house on the north east corner of Victoria and McKeand. 
In 1900, the doctors in town joined in establishing a Public Hospital in the William Waterworth house at 355 Oxford Ave.
Modern equipment was Installed. Babies were born here instead of in the home, which was a new innovation. 
In 1909 the residence of Dr. Angus McKay on Noxon Street was purchased for a hospital for $6520, including a large area of surrounding land. This home was named, "Alexandra Hospital", A Hospital Trust was appointed the same year to manage the affairs and Mr. George Sutherland was its first president.
This beautiful building was built by James Noxon of Noxon Brothers Farm Implement Mfg. Co. It was said this residence was the most beautiful house between Hamilton and Windsor at that time. It was noted for Its winding staircase. It was built in 1874 at a cost of $10,000.
As a hospital in 1909, it had 16 beds, and an average of 120 patients in a year. In 1945, the Hospital Trust considered the hospital too small and so it was decided to build a modern one.
The Town Council passed a bylaw to give the Hospital Trust a grant of $150,000, on approval of the voters in the town. On Dec. 9, 1946, the vote was taken in favor of the grant. 
The new hospital was constructed by the Schwenger C. Construction Co. at a cost of $565,000. The cornerstone Was laid on March 16. 1949, with R W. Green, secretary of the Trust officiating. The official opening was held on June 4, 1950.  In 1951, the old hospital was demolished to make room for a parking place for the new one.