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South West Oxford Records

Learn about your ancestors and discover family secrets with the help of records and resources.  Your ancestors life journey was documented on paper and now many of these records have been completely digitized.

Census returns are official Government of Canada records that enumerate the country's population. They are an invaluable source of information for genealogy research. Starting in 1851, most census records included the names of every resident, their country or province of birth, age and many other details.

Wills and estate files contain last testament of early Oxford pioneers and shed light on the struggles of settlers and their famillies.

1793-1858 Oxford County Genealogy Index

The Oxford County Genealogy Records Database is a collection of genealogical records compiled from various sources, such as: parish registers, local history books, marriage bonds, wills, etc.,

1824 Oxford County Voters' List

Discover this early record of pioneer names

1850 Dereham Township Tax Collectors' Roll

Collectors' Rolls are used to record information about a resident’s property in order to determine the amount of taxes payable on real property. Names of head of household, land and building values, and location.

1876 Voters' List West Oxford Township

Citizen names & addresses. Searchable.

1879 Voters' List Dereham Township

Discover resident names & addresses. Searchable.

1881 Voters' List Dereham Township

Discover citizen names & addresses. Searchable.

1882 Voters' List Dereham Township

Discover citizen names & addresses. Searchable.

1883 Voters' List Dereham Township

Discover citizen names & addresses. Searchable.

1890 Voters' List Dereham Township

Discover citizen names & addresses in this searchable list.

1931 Census of Canada

Created by Library & Archives Canada, the 1931 Census is now available to researchers. Browse great quality images and important family information, including address, house description, immigration year, occupation details.

Library and Archives Canada complete census records

Explore full Canadian census records including Oxford County from 1851-1921. Searchable through the Library and Archives Canada database.

Oxford County Wills & Estate Files: 1841-1861

This alphabetical database resource includes completely digitized Oxford County wills and estate files.

Oxford Historic Poll Books: 1851-1874

Digitized by Oxford County Archives, poll books are a great source of information for those studying early Canadian political history as well as for those researching their family history or even the history of their property. For more information or for access to the originals, as well as transcriptions and indexes of these materials, contact: