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The Hugill Family

Discover the story of father and son, photographers; John Hugill (1829-1911) and Edgar Herbert Hugill (1859-1955), as they conducted their lives in the Ingersoll area, and their summers at Keewaydin Island, Muskoka Lake. It was in Muskoka where first John, and then Gdgar expressed themselves photographically in a more personal manner, as contrasted to the formal portraiture and business works of the Ingersoll photography studio. The Hugills, in their quiet way, impacted the communities in which they lived, as they photographically documented development. recorded family growth and local history, while providing a tangible legacy of very special significance.

John Hugill Sr., first-born son of Solomon and Esther Hugill, embarked from Liverpool with his wife Mary Swailes Hugill on their way to Canada. With them were their children; Joseph 8, Thomas 7, and John, Jr.  It was John, Jr. who was destined to become the family's first photographer and went on to establish a photography studio in Ingersoll in 1866.

John's son, Edgar Herbert Hugill, became his successor, having working along side him during his teenage years.  

Ingersoll Chronicle, February 15th. 1883. 

I beg to inform those wishing photos, and the public generally, that I have purchased the photo business lately carried on by Mr. John Hugill. I have added new accessories in the way of rustic scenery and will spare no pains, in making this gallery the first in artistic excellence. All photos taken by the "Dry Plate Process."   Copying &. enlarging a specialty. Frames, etc. always on hand. Soliciting a fair share of your patronage. 

E. H. Hugill. Thames St. (Over Walley's Crockery Store) Ingersoll, Feb'y 15th, 1883 

Edgar Hugill, self-portrait at right, c1885

-excerpts above from 'The Hugill Chronicles' by David L. Gibson