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South West Oxford's People

Search the documents below for keys to South-West Oxford’s past. Explore the stories of township pioneers and the lives of those who shaped its history.

Aimee Semple McPherson 1891-1944

Discover the beginnings of Aimee's life in South West Oxford and her path to the global notoriety.

Ancestry & Posterity of Brinton Payne Brown

A detailed genealogy of Brown, written by his son, Enoch.

Army Week - Sentinel Review 1942

Celebrating Oxford's military service people with portraits.

Brinton Payne Brown, 1797-1883

The founding father of Brownsville, explore his biography, written by his son, Enoch Burdick Brown, in 1904.

Byron Garfield Jenvey, 1881-1980

Mr. Jenvey documented the history of Ingersoll over many years.

Dr. Emily Stowe: The Norwich Connection

An overview of Dr. Emily Stowe's Norwich contexts by Matthew Lloyd. Presentation from OLHD 2022.

Ingersoll Births, January 1927 - December 1933

Keyword searchable digitized birth registrations.

John Deacon: an early Canadian educator

by R. B. Thompson. This excerpt details the career of Deacon, who taught in the early schools of Dereham, North Oxford and Ingersoll.

Lydia Chase Ranney, 1800-1901

Explore the life of a Dereham Township pioneer. Lydia Chase Ranney was a noted cheese maker & teacher and lived to be over 100.

Mervin Cecil Simmons, 1886-1964

Discover the story of an Oxford farm boy who escaped from three WWI German POW camps.

Oxford Militia : 1812-1815

Digitized muster lists and paymaster rolls, detail the names of citizens of Ingersoll, West Oxford, North Oxford who were called to arms during the War of 1812. Keyword searchable.

The Canadian Album: Men of Canada 1891 - Oxford County excerpts

Peruse biographies and portraits of Oxford County luminaries, politicians and influencers from the 19th century.

The Devon Elliotts: a new beginning in Oxford County and beyond

A multigenerational history of the Mary & John Elliott family, from their life in Hartland Devon to their 1843 arrival in Ingersoll and surrounding townships

The French Family of Jamestown, Kansas, 1687-1945

by Martha Peterson. A searchable extract from this work detailing the French family in West Oxford Township

The Harris Family

Discover the story of the Harris family and its contribution to the dairy industry of South West Oxford.

The Land is Their Heritage by Everett A. Wilson

A family history of Richard & Catharine Wilson & their 9 children, as well as the story of a heritage farm in Dereham Township. Searchable.

The Lunau-Luno Connection by Philip Luno

Searchable excerpt from this West Oxford Township family history.