Embro's first school stood on the southwest corner of Argyle and St. Andrews Streets . Embro's centennial book suggests that it was a frame building which was later plastered. An addition was made to this frame and plaster building in 1861 .

Embro's "new" public school was constructed in 1876. The building is still standing and is used as a storage shed today. It was originally a two-room structure and a third room facing St. Andrews Street was added later . This Victorian structure was to serve as Embro Public School for seventy years.

Embro Continuation School used one of the rooms in the public school. In 1924 the brick Methodist Church on Commissioner Street West, was purchased and used as a two-room continuation school. An addition extending eastward was placed on the school in 1931. The building was used as a continuation school until 1947. By that time. school buses were more prevalent and students were able to travel daily to Woodstock Collegiate. Thereafter, the building housed the public school.  Embro's elementary school children now attend Zorra Highland Park School to the north of the village.

above excerpt from "Embro and Zorra: 1858-1983: a pictorial"