Database created by D. Rozell (Records Management Coordinator, County of Oxford) and B. Yeung

Doug Rozell's Comments: "This list was originally compiled in 1994, with additions ever since, ad hoc. This list is intended to be comprehensive of every historical marker that exists in Oxford County (exclusive of grave stones), including cenotaphs, plaques placed by the Ontario Heritage Foundation, National plaques, and those placed by local citizens and groups. It is consequently incomplete, because the original compiler of the list did not know, and does not know, of every marker that exists. Moreover, he has not been able to visit the site of every marker to give it a fuller description. The goal has been to give a rough indication of the existence of every marker and its location so that anyone who is interested can go see it for themselves. The value of markers is that they tell stories about the land around them, so the value of the list is to tell people how to get to see what the land looks like where the people lived or the events occurred. The public is invited to advise of any markers you discover that are not included on the list, or for which a more complete description would be valuable."