Charles Eli Chadwick, 1818-1896 

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Charles Eli Chadwick was born in England, but emigrated with his parents to Ontario in 1826.  Charles eventually found his way to Ingersoll, Ontario where he settled with his family.  He became involved in all manner of life in Ingersoll, serving as postmaster, manager of the local branch of the Niagara District Bank, as well as chairman of the school board.  An officer in the Oxford militia, he became lieutenant-colonel of the regiment in 1860. Chadwick operated an insurance agency and was instrumental in the formation of Ingersoll Mechanics’ Institute, a precursor to the Ingersoll Library.  Chadwick was President of Ingersoll Gas-Light Company and was an early and influential advocate of the factory system for making cheese in the Ingersoll area.  He was a key player in the Mammoth Cheese project that put the Ingersoll dairy industry on the map.  Chadwick was a two term mayor of the town.