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History of East Zorra-Tavistock

Search the resources below for keys to Zorra’s past. You will find information about businesses, architecture, culture and pioneers of the area.

1851 Oxford-on-the-Thames Patent Plan map

A map detailing land patents applied for by early settlers in Ingersoll the surrounding West & North Oxford townships

1884 South Norwich Township Tax Assessment Roll

Assessment Rolls are used to record information about a resident’s property in order to determine the amount of taxes payable on real property. Names of head of household, land and building values, and location.

Art Williams Scrapbook

A keyword searchable collection of the work of journalist, Art Williams, who wrote many of his newspaper columns on the history of Oxford County.

Beyond the Marshes

Published in 1900 by Ralph Connor, this short pastoral tale is beautifully illustrated with art nouveau designs.

East Zorra Tavistock Township History Clippings

A keyword searchable newspaper clipping collection focused on the history of East Zorra Tavistock Township and the many villages and hamlets within.

Education in the Zorras

by Diana Anstead. Details the origins of the school system in West & East Zorra.

Historic Hamlets

This list was originally compiled in 1994, with additions ever since, ad hoc. This list is intended to be comprehensive of every historical hamlet that exists in Oxford County.

Historic Plaques

This list is intended to be comprehensive of every his-torical marker that exists in Oxford County including cen-otaphs, plaques placed by the Ontario Heritage Founda-tion, National plaques, and those placed by local citizens and groups.

Innerkip History

The history of the naming of Innerkip from the Hamilton Spectator 1953

Ontario Ancestors Oxford County

Ontario Ancestors focuses on collecting and preserving information that will be useful for anyone doing research on ancestors from Oxford County.

Our anniversary album of memories

Created in 1980 by Oxford North District Women's Institutes, this booklet details the history of groups in Oxford County.

Oxford County Archives

Is committed to preserving Oxford County's archival heritage for future generations and making it available to the public.

Oxford Directories

Discover information about historic businesses and citizens

Oxford Tweedsmuir Histories

Explore this digital collection of Oxford County Women's Institute community histories. Searchable.

Pioneer Baptist Work in Oxford County

by Zella M. Hoston. Explore the origins of the Baptist faith in Oxford

Tavistock and District Historical Society

Preserving the heritage of Tavistock and area by documenting history through photographs, histories and biographies.

Tavistock Carnegie Library Correspondence

Read the original correspondence records from the CCNY Digital Archive at Columbia University.

Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church, 50th Anniversary

September 1934 commemoration booklet

Volume 2

Discover stone houses in the western portion of Zorra, from the 21st Line to 29th Line

Volume 5

Discover stone houses in the eastern portion of Zorra, from the 37th Line to Road 74